I was born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan. From the young age, I am in love with gadgets and technology. I started to learn about computers from the age of 12, when my fellow friends were busy in playing games I was busy in learning something new every day and maybe that is the reason why I am still not interested in any type of game. With the passage of time, I learned many things myself without any teacher except Google. At age 14, I taught myself the HTML programming language to create websites for myself.

After my high school, I took admission in Graphic Designing and Web Development short courses. This was the time when my interest in programming got higher.

I started my first blog in 2014 where I was writing about technology and gadgets but because of the shortage of time I was unable to run that blog so I removed that blog and start a new blog (eggslab.net) where I am writing about web development tutorials.

After my higher school, I got a job in BK Gulf, Dubai as a BIM ( Building Information Modelling) Trainee in March 2016. BK Gulf is a leading MEP Contractor of Middle East. But still, after my working hours, I spend some hours in coding and blogging.

Now I am studying Software Engineering from Virtual University of Pakistan and doing job as a BIM - Trainee in BK Gulf.


My work experience is not too much but here are some of them:

My Blogs


EggsLab is a programing blog where I am writing about web development tutorials.


HealthoZel is a blog where I am sharing some health and fitness articles by outsourcing them from freelancers.

AB Skillz

AB Skillz is a blog where I am sharing random articles of different categories.


MG AutoSports

Maintenance and general work.

Geek My Day

Wordpress installtion and blog setup.

Wadi al Madina

Design, maintenance and general work.

SFM Trading

Design, maintenance and general work.

Custom Web Apps

  • Call Center Management System
  • Customer Management System
  • Service Directory
  • Survey System Tool

As these are for local clients that's why I cannot share link.